A toast to the food! (To the food, to the food…)

I had a lot of very good food over the course of four months. Here are some of my favorite foods and drinks I had in Europe.


Italy: pasta, pizza, gelato, coffee. These are the foods you think of when you think of classic Italian foods, and I did eat a lot of all four of those foods during my stay in Italy.

I found this sandwich stand on one of the first days in Rome and I returned a few times to grab a hot ham and mozzarella sandwich. They were divine.


I ate SO MUCH pasta in Italy. It’s hard not to, it’s a big portion of the menus at restaurants. Cheese and pasta are two of my favorite foods, so meals like this were all I ever wanted.


Pasta. Cheese. Salmon. One dish. I love Italy.


So let’s talk about another very good carb-y food: gnocchi. It’s very good. It’s even better when it’s covered in cheese sauce like mine was in Assisi.


Pasta carbonara we made in a cooking class in Rome. I attended a cooking class two nights with other students. Our “instructor” was Giuseppe and he taught us how to make some Italian foods and talked to use about Italian culture while we made it. Then we all ate together.


I attempted to make my own carbonara at my apartment in Rome. It took a while to figure out how to get the consistency of the eggs right.


Pizza! Pizza is pretty popular in Italy. This is a pizza I had at our hotel in Venice.


In the last few days of my time in Italy, I realized I hadn’t tried the street food version of pizza. It was good, but I prefer the regular kind of pizza.


This is pizza with salmon on it from a restaurant across the street from our school in Rome. The sauce is white instead of red tomato sauce.


Emily told me I had to try Dar Poeta in Trastevere, a neighborhood in Rome. It was indeed delicious, although honestly, I did pick some of the vegetables off the top.


Bruschetta with tuna on it: Yes.


The absolute best Italian food is the gelato. No question. This is my favorite combination to get at my favorite gelato place, Giolitti. I get coffee, chocolate, and cream with whipped cream on top and it’s amazing.


This is another top gelato place in Rome that Professor Brandt and Lydia showed us one afternoon. It’s behind the Avantine hill and the lady who works there is so sweet. The gelato is fantastic.


A restaurant near our apartment had excellent stracciatella gelato, and they always topped it off with a little cone.


I didn’t realize until we left Italy how good the coffee in Italy was. I enjoyed many coffees at a restaurant across from our school in Rome, Buddy’s.


I had my first drink of alcohol in Rome. It turns out white wine isn’t my favorite. In fact, I was not a fan of the taste of alcohol for a few weeks after I tried it for the first time.


One night after a cooking class, other students decided to try mixing limoncello with lemonade… but we couldn’t find lemonade in the store, so we got lemon Fanta. The chaser of lemon Fanta tasted worse than the shot of limoncello.



I was only in Hungary for one week, but the food was oh so good. There was a lot of meat and dumplings, and the meals left me full and content.

Pork and dumplings at the restaurant that we ate lunches at in Gyor.


The first thing I ate in Hungary was gnocchi and salmon; needless to say, I was sold.


Meat and potatoes: classic Hungary!


This was a “main course” at the restaurant in Gyor. It was a dumpling filled with plums and it was delicious.

One night in Hungary we had a “family dinner” with the Brandts, including spaghetti, salad, wine, and mandatory singing in rounds as per Brandt family tradition.

A blog about food experiences during my semester abroad would be incomplete without mentioning Dylan’s obsession with Aldi’s… yes, that’s right, the grocery store Aldi’s. Dylan worked at Aldi’s in Minnesota, and his obsession was revealed in Hungary when he would talk about Aldi’s endlessly and then bring back snacks for the people who had to listen to him.

 Vienna, Austria

Even though I was only in Vienna for a day, I had to try the famed Vienna coffee. It was good.